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About Me

The daughter of working class parents, I am proud to call Greeley home. I watched my parents struggle to provide a better life for my family with their work in oil and gas, and the meat industry. Growing up in a domestic violence household I learned at a young age what kind of difference I could make just by speaking up. Since then, I have dedicated my life to standing up for those that are unable to stand up for themselves. I am committed to ensuring that every Coloradan has access to the quality of life that our state has to offer.

Why I'm running

I am running because I am one of you and I want to ensure that Greeley, Evans, and Garden City has the type of leadership that reflects the people. My passion for engaging in Colorado politics began in high school while serving on the Greeley Youth Commission. This eventually led me to become a field organizer for President Obama’s 2012 re-election. Since then I have worked on top targeted local and national campaigns including State Representative Dave Young’s re-election bid in 2014. That same year the Hispanic Women of Weld County presented me with their Community Leadership Award for this work and dedication.

Right now, people feel that the system is rigged against them, and there is mistrust in the government no matter what side of the aisle you stand on. This is one of the reasons why I got involved in politics. From a young age I saw that my voice could promote effective change and because of that, I have devoted my life to standing up for people that are unable to stand up for themselves.

In November 2015, I broke my first glass ceiling becoming the first openly gay elected official to the City of Greeley. I want to ensure that every Coloradan has access to well-paying jobs, quality education, and transparency in all levels of government. It is time that we empower people to feel excited about the future of their government.

Rochelle Galindo speaks.


Growing up in a blue collar home, I learned to earn through hard work. I will fight to ensure that we are creating more jobs that pay a livable wage and that raise the standard of living for Northern Colorado. It is important that jobs available now are preserved and expanded and that we have leadership fighting to create more like them. As a union member I will help ensure that we are doing it in a way that benefits the community as a whole.


I'm a product of Colorado public schools and I know first hand how important a quality education can be. The state currently spends around $3,000 per student. Our schools continue to grow yet have to fight for a small pool of funding. I will fight to provide schools with the funding they need in order to establish a quality education for all Colorado students. I will also work to ensure students in college are graduating less burdened by student loan debt.

Transparency and Accessibility

It seems like politicians these days are afraid to talk to their constituents. I will not be afraid to talk to you. As a member of the city council, I hold monthly town halls so that my constituents always know a time they can talk to me. I also provided a monthly newsletter in English and Spanish to update my community on their local governments happenings. This transparency and accessibility will continue while I serve as your next State Representative.

Colorado House District 50


Rochelle Galindo has been endorsed for the position of Colorado House District 50 by several prominent members of the community. Please pledge your support along with those that have officially endorsed her:

  • President Barack Obama
  • Former United States Secretary of Transportation Frederico Pena
  • United States Congressman Jared Polis
  • United States Congressman Ed Perlmutter
  • Former United States Congresswoman Betsy Markey
  • Colorado Speaker of the House Crisanta Duran
  • Colorado State Representative Dave Young
  • Colorado State Representative Joe Salazar
  • Colorado State Representative Faith Winter
  • Colorado State Representative Brittany Pettersen
  • Colorado State Representative Chris Kennedy
  • Colorado State Representative Daneya Esgar
  • Colorado State Representative Adrienne Benavidez
  • Colorado State Representative Paul Rosenthal
  • Colorado State Representative Leslie Herod
  • Colorado State Representative Jovan Melton
  • Colorado State Senator Dominick Moreno
  • Colorado State Senator Irene Aguilar
  • Colorado State Board of Education Member Rebecca McClellan
  • Mayor of Edgewater Kris Teegardin
  • Thornton City Councilmember Val Vigil
  • Lakewood City Councilmember Jacob LaBure
  • Weld County District 6 School Board President Roger Dewitt
  • Weld County District 6 School Board Member Rhonda Solis
  • Weld County District 6 School Board Member Terri Pappas
  • Weld County District 6 School Board Member Julia Richard
  • Adams County Commissioner Chaz Tedesco
  • Adams County Commissioner Mary Hodge
  • Adams County Commissioner Eva Henry
  • Former Colorado State Senator Polly Baca
  • Healthcare Advocate Carrie Ann Lucas